TV, Film and Radio

During the launch of the book and since its release, I’ve been fortunate to have a little bit of media attention now and again. On this page you’ll find interviews, TV extracts, articles, talks, presentations and more.

In July 2017 I was asked to share my expiences of the book writing to process to a group of writers. The event was for Novel Nights, which I had attended a few times previously.

It was great to give some insight into working with an editor, eBooks, Facebook marketing, producing an Audiobook and more. 

In October 2017 I was awarded an Acromegaly Advocacy award in honour of Tanya Angus by the Canada West Acromegaly group. It was in recognition of the advocacy work I had done over the past year and I was very lucky to spend 5 days in Vancouver for the conference.

The following videos show me receiving my award, a Patients Panel discussion and also my 'Me, Myself & Eye' presentation in full. Their laughter makes me smile every time.

After seeing an advert on Facebook for 'rare medical stories', I contacted Tigress Productions - only to disover they were five minutes walk from my flat!

I had great fun filming all aspects of this and hopefully it's helped along the way.

A fun interview with Stephen Kearney from Radio Dart. He asked for a few of my tracks, so you get to hear those inbetween us chatting.

Excuse the slightly poor video and audio quality. We were streaming live on YouTube and the connection wasn't the best.

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