If you’ve got an interest in all things medical, I really recommend checking out the App. There are some truly fascinating stories and conditions on there. My video is actually one of the free ones. Now you have no excuse!

clinically speaking 1024x639 - Epilogue

Plus I get to make little videos like this.

She knows me so well!

kate card badges 1024x965 - Epilogue

If I could wear every one of those badges, I would.

What a winner.

Gables win - Epilogue

WINNER! (And one of the rare pictures where I like my smile!)

Gables win 2 - Epilogue

The dog to the right is clearly a bit miffed.

millie bitch - Epilogue

Comedy caption to prove it.

millie gables pic - Epilogue

Millie’s winning portrait photo – for being top dog!

My lip still trembles every time I look at old pictures. But here’s my little homage to one of the greatest dogs that ever lived. RIP Mills.

The likeness is just uncanny.

Millie Card 744x1024 - Epilogue

Simply amazing. Thanks Flo x

Burgers and cake were exactly what I needed too.

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