Here are two field test results from 1985, fascinatingly drawn by hand. Notice the left eye in particular.

010 Field Test 1985 Right Eye 1024x722 - Ch 3: Eye of the Tiger

010 Field Test 1985 Left Eye 1024x719 - Ch 3: Eye of the Tiger

I can still do it now.

If looks could kill. And check out my socks!

012 Dan Alix Mr Croft - Ch 3: Eye of the Tiger

Goodness me – I look seriously dapper. Alix on the other hand looks like she’s either about to fall asleep or kill her family for putting her on stage.

012 Dan Mr Croft 1024x677 - Ch 3: Eye of the Tiger

Mr Croft checks the running order whilst I serenade my fans.

I’m not sure which is worse – my glasses or Alix’s fringe.

DJ Alix School pic glasses Resized - Ch 3: Eye of the Tiger

So revolutionary, even Morecambe and Wise put their name to it.

Almost Orwellian in style. Well, compared to Morecambe and Wise it is.

As you can see.

DJ on Spectrum 1024x680 - Ch 3: Eye of the Tiger

Waiting three minutes for it to load. Horace *will* go skiing.

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