mme tile background 992x218 - Ch 1: Dan 1.0

Hello! I'm a footnote.

DJ Baby portrait Resized - Ch 1: Dan 1.0

Dan FN 2 Moodle BW 1024x682 - Ch 1: Dan 1.0

Photo by James Clay

Here are some images of my eyes showing you exactly what's going on.

1 Right Eye 1024x687 - Ch 1: Dan 1.0

Right eye. Pretty normal.

2 Left Eye 1024x687 - Ch 1: Dan 1.0

Left eye. Whoa there!

Have a look at the letter sent by my GP to the Eye Hospital. It's amazing to see the very first piece of communication about my condition.

003 Doctors Letter 1 - Ch 1: Dan 1.0

The first letter about Wyburn-Mason syndrome. I love how the secretary spelt numerous complex medical terms correctly but couldn't spell 'May'.

004 Doctors Letter 2 - Ch 1: Dan 1.0

My sister found another pair of glasses adorned with a plaster. Not the Snoopy ones, alas. Still cute though.

First Glasses 1.1 1024x681 - Ch 1: Dan 1.0

Ooh - what's this?

First Glasses 1.3 1024x681 - Ch 1: Dan 1.0

Aww - my old glasses!

First Glasses 1.4 1024x681 - Ch 1: Dan 1.0

Just look at that plaster!

Sunloungers, beware!

DJ judo sunlounger Resized - Ch 1: Dan 1.0

Notice how elated my sister looks at losing yet another tennis tournament.

alix tennis - Ch 1: Dan 1.0

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