Here’s my Top 10 rave tunes that shaped my teenage years.

When you’ve got a spare twenty minutes, why not have a read.

Can one person's mind truly cope with the death of Superman?

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And still one of my favourite pictures in existence. I have shape! And hair!

022 Dan Blue Remembered Hills QEH small 799x1024 - Ch 7: Theatre, Shweetie!

It would change even more radically when, a few months later, I decided to dye it peroxide–blonde. It was going well until Avril, a friend of Mum’s, stuck me under a hair dryer for thirty minutes. The result was hair that resembled straw. I returned to QEH that Sunday night to a room full of gasps and laughter. School was not impressed and I had to dye it the next day or face suspension. The result was a delicious copper brown.

DJ QEH Blonde 2 Resized - Ch 7: Theatre, Shweetie!

Final day at school, hence the defaced shirt. Also replete with Harry Potter glasses and a winning smile.

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