The three of us on stage. But who’s the ghostly figure in the background?!

019 golden pathway annual - Ch 6: Girls and Stuff

Golden Pathway review 1024x647 - Ch 6: Girls and Stuff

From the QEH annual magazine, 1992

I stumbled across a picture of Alix wearing it in her teens, the cheeky sod. I’ve still got it. Rather threadbare now.

020 Pic of Zippy top to do 1024x694 - Ch 6: Girls and Stuff

I guess I should see it as a compliment that she stole my clothes.

DSC 0360 776x1024 - Ch 6: Girls and Stuff

And how it looks today.

Well I liked them — even if they did look like tablecloths.

38 02 dan hippie 753x1024 - Ch 6: Girls and Stuff

Forget the clothes – look at the hair!

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