Excuse the slightly poor video, but you get the eye–dea (I’ll stop soon).

dan eye surgery 1024x398 - Ch 36: Hormones

The pain was worth it.

Nothing says ‘teacher’ better than pointing at a screen.

ATM Acro 1 Resized 1024x715 - Ch 36: Hormones

Super high cheeks and a really sunken face.

ATM Acro 2 Resized - Ch 36: Hormones

Lower jaw sticking out a mile and a big thick nose.

Dan ATM pointing at screen crop with blur 885x1024 - Ch 36: Hormones

‘I’ll just point here.’

ATM Acro 4 Resized 1024x755 - Ch 36: Hormones



laptop battle 1024x768 - Ch 36: Hormones

Without a laptop.

Oooh - how exciting!

If you can’t be bothered to watch, I can tell you now – I didn’t win. Elastic Space Cat played better music and a three-minute house loop clearly didn’t cut it with the judges. If you look at my face at the end of the video you can see just how disappointed I am which, in retrospect, was probably a good thing: it showed I cared.


tennis pants 1024x768 - Ch 36: Hormones

I wonder where he keeps his balls?

Nope, we’ve no idea either.

045 Alix Tunisia - Ch 36: Hormones

It looks like she's just licked salt off the back of her hand. Seriously though – any ideas, get in touch. We're utterly stumped.

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