Not sure that should be the tagline. Still makes me laugh. And (originally) written in Comic Sans, for added humour.

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I strongly urge you to check out this playlist. Even if you don’t think you like drum and bass, I promise you one of these tunes will grab you.

Imagine being faced with this.

Sub long - Ch 11: Hello Creativity

Sub2 - Ch 11: Hello Creativity

Sub 1 - Ch 11: Hello Creativity 

Images courtesy of For more info on the Russian Sub - including images of the inside - check out the website (it's gloriously dated too!)

The grin says it all.

026 DJ on Submarine - Ch 11: Hello Creativity

The t-shirt says it all, too.

One of my sets recorded live at The Venue. Excuse the drunk that grabs the mic half way through.

From tiny acorns…

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