An Amazing Encounter

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pit ball 225x300 - An Amazing EncounterI can’t quite believe what just happened.

So I’m sat at my table at the Pituitary Foundation Gala Ball (it’s a fundraiser), feeling a bit self conscious that I’m not talking to anyone apart from the lady next to me.

It transpires that almost everyone on the table is from Birmingham. I pronounce that I’m the exception. The girl opposite me asks why I’m here.

“Well, I’m here in a patient capacity.”

“So am I!” she says. “I’ve got a really rare condition.”

“Well I’ve got two”, I boast. “What’s yours?”

“I’ve got something called Arteriovenus Malformations…”

My mouth drops. “So have I!”

“What?! I’ve NEVER met anyone with AVMs!”

We jump up, hug and haven’t stopped chatting since. Unbelievable to think that – with everyone here – we’ve been placed on the same table.


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