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There are those who love to read. And then there are those who love Audiobooks. As a child I remember listening to Nigel Havers reading Enid Blyton’s ‘The Secret Seven’ and the excitement it conjured up was something I’ll never forget.

OK so I may not be Nigel Havers but – if you like your audiobooks – I think you’ll love this one. And we’ve got two ways in which you can indulge.

If you would like to own the Audiobook outright and in turn directly support the author, Awesound is the place for you. It’s a new service that gives authors (like me) an independent platform. If you are already an Audible subscriber, you can simply purchase it as part of your subscription. Happy listening!

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During 2016 I decided to turn Me, Myself & Eye into an audio book. I knew it wouldn’t be easy – 52 chapters and a myriad of media footnotes – but I also knew than an audiobook would work really well, and so I started to explore the process.

I initially auditioned some narrators using ACX but quickly came to realise that no-one could read it quite like I could. That’s not a statement of vanity but more that there was no way they could get the right inflection or tone. That wasn’t their fault; they just hadn’t lived my life.

It took two months to record all the chapters. I sourced a couple of actors to read some of the letters and additional content and even asked my Endocrinologist and Stroke specialist – Professor Andy Levy and Dr Julie Dovey – to read their letters. They were brilliant, and it adds something special to the experience.

The biggest challenge was the media content. How do I work that in? In the end I decided to include audio notifications, so the listener would know when to check the website: a ‘ping’ for audio, a camera shutter for images. I’m pleased to say it works.

It took nearly 12 months to edit the audiobook and it was unquestionably a labour of love. And at just over 12 hours long, you definitely get value for money.

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