let me be your narrator

During 2016 I decided to turn Me, Myself & Eye into an audio book. I knew it wouldn’t be easy – 52 chapters and a myriad of media footnotes – but I also knew than an audiobook would work really well, and so I started to explore the process.

I initially auditioned some narrators using ACX but quickly came to realise that no-one could read it quite like I could. That’s not a statement of vanity but more that there was no way they could get the right inflection or tone. That wasn’t their fault; they just hadn’t lived my life.

It took two months to record all the chapters. I sourced a couple of actors to read some of the letters and additional content and even asked my Endocrinologist and Stroke specialist – Professor Andy Levy and Dr Julie Dovey – to read their letters. They were brilliant, and it adds something special to the experience.

The biggest challenge was the media content. How do I work that in? In the end I decided to include audio notifications, so the listener would know when to check the website: a ‘ping’ for audio, a camera shutter for images. I’m pleased to say it works.

It took nearly 12 months to edit the audiobook and it was unquestionably a labour of love. And at just over 12 hours long, you definitely get value for money.

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